(Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to these Common Questions:

How do I change my SESYNC password?
What is my SESYNC username?
What resources are available?
How do I contact IT or research support staff?
How do I connect to a video conference?
Why does does my virtual machine show less memory than I requested?
Why does git show that all my files changed when I didn't change them?
What is a virtual machine?
What support does SESYNC provide for custom virtual machines?
Will SESYNC purchase software?
When are the server maintenance windows?
What happens to my jobs during the maintenance window?
How do I manage my mailing list?
Where are Shiny apps published?
How do I access Linux resources?
How do I schedule a conference call?
How do I access my research data directory?
When does SESYNC setup resources for my group?
Should I use GitHub or SESYNC's GitLab?
What's the difference between git, GitHub, and GitLab?
Can code move between GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket?
What is the compute cluster?
How do I access my Windows virtual machine?
Do I have to use the cluster?
How do I connect to a database from RStudio?
What's the procedure for having remote participants at my meeting?
What resources are available in the conference rooms?
How do I get a SESYNC account?
How do I create an RStudio project with git?