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What resources are available in the conference rooms?

SESYNC has five conference rooms and a large breakout space equipped with HD screens, projectors, whiteboards and an array of collaborative tools. Please note, depending on the size and requests of your group, your assigned meeting room may have a different table arrangement that waht is show in the pictures below.

End of Day Considerations

Resource Guides

All conference rooms have a white guide book at the front explaining how to use the projectors, whiteboard capture and manage any remote participants you may have.

Capabilities in each room

Room Capacity/Arrangement Displays Laptop Connections Whiteboards
Green 10-16 square table arrangement 1 HD Projector HDMI,VGA 2 with ebeam
Blue 10-20 Large Square
18-26 Three pods of 3-4 tables
30-40 Five, two table rows with chairs on both sides^^
1 HD Projector 4 HDMI (front and rear)
2 VGA (front)
4 with ebeam
Fishbowl 6-10 conference table 2 HD 60” displays 2 HDMI 2 walls, one with ebeam
Cave 10-14 conference table 2 HD 60” displays 2 HDMI 3 walls
Narnia 10-12 Square table arrangement 1 HD Projector 2 HDMI 1 wall

^^This setup cannot support video conferencing as it is a little cramped and is recommended only for plenary/presentation oriented meetings.

Green Conference Room

green-front-640 green-rear-640.jpg

Blue Conference Room

blue-front-640 blue-rear-640.jpg

Fishbowl Conference Room

fishbowl-front-640 fishbowl-rear-640.jpg

Cave Conference Room

cave-front-640 cave-rear-640.jpg

Narnia Conference Room

narnia-front-640 narnia-rear-640