(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I change my SESYNC password?

Point your web browser to https://pwm.sesync.org.

  1. Click on ‘Forgotten Password’


  1. Enter your username and then click ‘Search’ prompted. Your username is likely your first initial plus last name. For example, ‘John Smith’ would have a username of jsmith.


  1. You will be prompted to enter the e-mail you supplied when setting up the account. If you have more than one e-mail address and are unsure when one to use, please contact cyberhelp@sesync.org


  1. Please check your e-mail. You should have received an e-mail from itstaff@sesync.org titled ‘SESYNC Password Reset’. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail to continue resetting your password.


  1. Once you click ‘Change Password’ your password will be reset and you may continue to log into any SESYNC resources