(Frequently Asked Questions)

What resources are available?

SESYNC has an extensive set of computing resources and expertiese available for researchers. Download a high-level overview of all services and support SESYNC offers for general information, or scan the tables below for a quick reference. Direct all questions to cyberhelp@sesync.org.

Resource URL
mailing list https://lists.sesync.org
code repository https://gitlab.sesync.org
research data directory https://files.sesync.org
RStudio https://rstudio.sesync.org
Jupyter https://jupyter.sesync.org
Shiny Apps https://shiny.sesync.org
SSH gateway <username>@ssh.sesync.org
MySQL/PostgreSQL database <hostname>.research.sesync.org
Remote desktop https://desktop.sesync.org
Service Description
Custom virtual machines Single purpose Windows or linux virtual machine with shared account.
Enterprise conferencing Skype for Business meetings with video, presentation sharing, and conference telephone line.
Software purchasing Licenses for Matlab, Stata, ArcGIS, MaxQDA, NVIVO, and additional software can be purchased on request.