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Zoom for SESYNC Teams

Depending on your interests and needs, SESYNC can do any or all of the following: a) test out meeting settings and consult ahead of time; b) just schedule a meeting and transfer host role at meeting start; c) act as host or co-host throughout one or more meeting sessions to manage participants, breakout rooms, polls, and/or shared content; d) be “on call” during your meeting time for real-time support over chat, phone, or video.

Note: Due to restrictions on UMD’s Zoom licenses, if SESYNC sets up a Zoom call for you, participants will need to be admitted from a Waiting Room by the host or a co-host throughout the duration of the meeting. We will be unable to make you host or co-host ahead of time. However, we can transfer host or co-host responsibilities to you as soon as the meeting starts.

What we can provide

Note that for real-time support (starting/managing calls), we are unlikely to be able to handle requests outside of 8am-6pm Monday-Friday Eastern Time (UTC-5 until 14 March 2021).

  1. Access to enterprise Zoom meetings - The free version of Zoom limits meetings to 45 minutes. We can provide access to enterprise Zoom and schedule meetings for your team without a time limit. A SESYNC staff member will need to schedule the meeting and will therefore be the initial “host”, but can assign co-hosts or re-assign the host role once a meeting has started.

  2. Help customize your meeting settings - Start a discussion with SESYNC staff by emailing to determine how to best make use of virtual conference technology for your meeting. Do you want to allow all guests in your meeting to be able to chat privately with each other? Have you ensured that everyone in the meeting can rename themselves e.g to add their pronouns? Will the meeting chat automatically be saved? We can help you navigate available options and strategize what will work best for your team.

  3. Manage participants during Zoom meetings - A SESYNC staff member can act as meeting host or co-host to allow everyone on your team to focus on discussion rather than meeting logistics. This may be particularly helpful if you plan to use features such as breakout rooms, annotating shared content/whiteboard, or non-verbal feedback. Note that this logistical role is distinct from facilitation support, where SESYNC staff can help strategize meeting design and/or play an active role guiding discussion in a meeting session to help achieve your goals.

Meeting Roles

Everyone who participates in a Zoom call does not have access to the same features for controlling a meeting. There is one meeting host at any time which by default is the person who scheduled the meeting. That person can designate meeting participants as co-hosts who are able to manage participants, mute settings, and monitor for non-verbal feedback in addition to the host. Everyone else is a guest. See a comprehensive table comparing roles on Zoom’s help page here.



Screen Sharing

Breakout Rooms

If you have more than 8 to 10 participants in your meeting, consider using breakout rooms to facilitate smaller group discussions. You can either have a random assignment of n people to m rooms, or manually arrange who goes to which room. This needs to be arranged by the meeting host (see description of roles above). The host can broadcast a message to all breakout rooms e.g. when to wrap up discussion, and can switch between breakout rooms.

See Zoom’s help page here for more information.

Protect Your Meeting

Publicizing and sharing meeting links on social media can unfortunately invite unwanted participation by disruptive guests (e.g. “Zoombombing”). We therefore recommend only sharing the meeting link with invited participants. You can also protect your meeting by setting options for using a waiting room (required for SESYNC-hosted meetings), setting a meeting password, and controlling screen sharing permissions. See these articles for more guidance on how to change you Zoom settings and protect your meetings:

More Tips and Considerations