Mini-project Goals

Your team is here to practice, and your instructors are here to coach. In the time scheduled for “Coaching,” each team should aim to achieve the following:

Mini-project Goals

  • Collaborate on a GitHub repository.
  • Introduce your team via a README (Tuesday).
  • Script a reproducible “data-to-document” pipeline.
  • Present mini-results (Friday).

Practice #1: Tuesday

  1. Choose a git captain, and
    1. (Captain) create a GitHub repo,
    2. (Captain) invite collaborators, and
    3. (Team) accept invitation.
  2. (Captain) Create a RStudio project from the repo.
  3. (Captain) Start a & push files.
  4. (Team) Create a RStudio project from the repo.
  5. Add to the and merge/push.

Practice #2: Wednesday

  1. Discuss your data:
    1. Are your data in tidy tables?
    2. Can you define relationships between tables?
    3. How will you share it within the team?
  2. Read data into R and prepare it for a simple analysis or visualization.
  3. Update the on GitHub.

Practice #3: Thursday

  1. Begin to code a simple regression analysis or visualization.
  2. Decide on the format of your presentation (consider RMarkdown).
  3. Practice your collaborative workflow: stage, commit, pull, and push!

Practice #4: Friday

  1. Discuss the first steps of your reproducible pipeline. How do you plan to acquire your data?
  2. Discuss the final steps of your reproducible pipeline. Should you create a data package?
  3. Try to get that regression model working or finish that data visualization.
  4. Prepare to present on your mini-project!