Lucas Joppa

External Advisory Board Member

Dr. Lucas Jappa is the Chief Environmental Officer at the Microsoft Corporation, where he combines work on his three main interests of science, policy, and tools and technology.

As a computational ecologist, Lucas’ research ranges from quantifying the impacts of conservation actions to unraveling the complexities of species interactions and mapping where species are being discovered—and going extinct. Lucas embraces the challenges of predicting outcomes for ecological communities under an increasingly uncertain environment, and uniting robust ecological theory, social considerations, and innovative distributed data collection systems to achieve effective environmental conservation. Lucas completed his PhD in Ecology from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment. Lucas served as a member of SESYNC’s External Advisory Board. 

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2016 - 2019
Areas of Expertise
environmental science
artificial intelligence
corporate social responsibility
Research Interests
climate change
artificial intelligence
scaling environmental data
Methods of Expertise
remote sensing