Climate Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA): Collaborative Water Resources Planning for an Uncertain Future


CRIDA provides stepwise planning guidance for water resources planners, managers, and engineers to implement robust water management as promoted by the AGWA network — particularly for water managers working in the developing world. CRIDA will initially launch as a publication, and support a community of practice to rapidly scale up implementation. The AGWA network seeks to support a paradigm shift in water resources planning and decision making around from what we don't know about the future to what we know now.

Guillermo Mendoza, US Army Corps of Engineers
Ad Jeuken, Deltares
John H. Matthews, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation
Eugene Stakhiv, Johns Hopkins University
John Kucharski
Kristin Gilroy, US Army Corps of Engineers
Co-Published by UNESCO and the International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management

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