A Conceptual Framework to Integrate Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function, and Ecosystem Service Models


Global biodiversity and ecosystem service models typically operate independently. Ecosystem service projections may therefore be overly optimistic because they do not always account for the role of biodiversity in maintaining ecological functions. We review models used in recent global model intercomparison projects and develop a novel model integration framework to more fully account for the role of biodiversity in ecosystem function, a key gap for linking biodiversity changes to ecosystem services. We propose two integration pathways. The first uses empirical data on biodiversity–ecosystem function relationships to bridge biodiversity and ecosystem function models and could currently be implemented globally for systems and taxa with sufficient data. We also propose a trait-based approach involving greater incorporation of biodiversity into ecosystem function models. Pursuing both approaches will provide greater insight into biodiversity and ecosystem services projections. Integrating biodiversity, ecosystem function, and ecosystem service modeling will enhance policy development to meet global sustainability goals.

Publication Type
Journal Article
Sarah R Weiskopf
Bonnie J E Myers
Maria Isabel Arce-Plata, Université de Montréal
Julia L Blanchard
Simon Ferrier, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Elizabeth A Fulton
Mike Harfoot, United Nations World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Forest Isbell, University of Minnesota
Justin A Johnson
Akira S Mori
Ensheng Weng, Columbia University/ NASA GISS
Zuzana V HarmáCˇková
Maria Cecilia Londoño-Murcia, Instituto Alexander von Humboldt
Brian W Miller
Laura M Pereira
Isabel M D Rosa

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