Sustainable Mitigation Scenarios

Full Title

Integrating biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainability mitigation scenarios


How can future human demand for food, fiber, energy, and water be efficiently met while minimizing negative impacts to the earth? Answering this question is key to developing scenarios that will inform natural resource management and planning, particularly those that jointly consider the effects of new policies on social and environmental systems. Understanding and accounting for potential changes to biodiversity, ecosystems, and the physical system is essential for effective, joint mitigation efforts. This pursuit will bring together diverse disciplines, with a broad community of stakeholders, policymakers, and others in a collaborative process to discuss and create new scenarios.

Project Type
Team Synthesis Project
Principal Investigators
George Hurtt, University of Maryland
James Edmonds, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Thomas Brooks, IUCN
Molly Brown, NASA
Louise Chini, University of Maryland
Leon Clarke, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mohamad Hejazi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Kathy Hibbard, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Tony Janetos, Boston University
Sam Jantz, University of Maryland
Paul Leadley, Université Paris-Sud
Yannick Le Page, Joint Global Change Research Institute
Alexandra Marques, Instituto Superior Técnico
Richard Moss, Joint Global Change Research Institute
Anand Patwardhan, University of Maryland
Elena Shevliakova, Princeton University, NOAA
Detlef van Vuuren, Utrecht University; PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Piero Visconti, Microsoft Research
Stephanie Waldhoff, Joint Global Change Research Institute

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