Urban Hydrology

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Urban hydrology


Urban Green Infrastructure (UGI) can be used to manage stormwater. Stormwater UGI has potential additional benefits, including mitigating urban heat island (UHI). Currently, the potential for stormwater UGI to mitigate UHI is poorly understood both in terms of its potential overall effects and models for how to deploy (prioritize) the design and location of stormwater UGI to mitigate UHI. The goal of this work is to understand the perspective of UGI multifunctionality and how can we move from quantifying to deploying the UGI functionality on the city scale. Specifically, how can functions be measured in a systematic way, with enough detail so they can be planned and managed to provide both multifunctional UGI and successful stormwater management. Also, can the functions be optimized on the city scale and what will be the influence of such optimized scenario on the temperatures in the city. 

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Postdoctoral Fellowship
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