Trajetorias: a dataset of environmental, epidemiological, and economic indicators for the Brazilian Amazon


The Trajetorias dataset is a harmonized set of environmental, epidemiological, and poverty indicators for all municipalities of the Brazilian Legal Amazon (BLA). This dataset is the result of a scientific synthesis research initiative conducted by scientists from several natural and social sciences fields, consolidating multidisciplinary indicators into a coherent dataset for integrated and interdisciplinary studies of the Brazilian Amazon. The dataset allows the investigation of the association between the Amazonian agrarian systems and their impacts on environmental and epidemiological changes, furthermore enhancing the possibilities for understanding, in a more integrated and consistent way, the scenarios that affect the Amazonian biome and its inhabitants.

Publication Type
Journal Article
Ana C. Rorato
Ana Paula Dal’Asta
Raquel Martins Lana
Ricardo B. N. dos Santos
Maria Isabel S. Escada
Camila M. Vogt
Tatiana Campos Neves
Milton Barbosa
Cecilia S. Andreazzi
Izabel C. dos Reis
Danilo A. Fernandes
Mônica da Silva-Nunes
Anielli R. de Souza
Antonio M. V. Monteiro
Cláudia T. Codeço
Scientific Data

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